Thursday, 18 February 2010

Open Call for Goldsmiths Students

This is an open call looking for artists, designers, musicians, theorists, writers, non-definable creatives and those of a curious disposition in Goldsmiths to take part in an interdisciplinary, collaborative project. We will be exhibiting in central London, for a week in early June, 2010. Exploring the theme of Heterotopia and the process of collaboration.

The key them is to explore the layers of meaning within a space whilst simultaneously highlighting the way in which individuals create and build upon each other. Contributors will be working together to produce a piece using any medium. We stress that this project is not exclusive to art students as we hope to see collaborations involving a wide spectrum of backgrounds.

Applicants can apply in groups of up to three or as individuals. If you are interested in getting involved please forward to us by 25th Feb (Thurs) with the following:

Your name(s)

Department/Course within Goldsmiths

Area of interest and any example of work, image/text/sound/etc.

We will be holding an initial meeting on the 5th March(Fri).

Time and place to be confirmed.

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